People Foremost

Mercuri Urval helps thousands of clients to better results every year, and our most vital contribution to our client's success is our people. By combining the structural capital of Mercuri Urval with our colleagues' expertise, and by connecting our clients to the world of Mercuri Urval, we provide unrivalled value to our clients.

Our consultants' genuine curiosity, our commitment to our clients' business and our long term relationships and partnerships generate our success. For our clients and for Mercuri Urval, our people make success happen.

In 2019 Mercuri Urval made significant investments in our people strategy. Three areas deserve extra attention:

  • The establishment of the Global Internal Recruitment team together with our dedicated Team Leaders, made significant impact on the ability to attract and recruit new top colleagues from our industry. As a consultant organisation, our increased capacity to recruit for ourselves creates structural capability to grow. 
  • The launch of the Mercuri Urval Learning Universe certifies new colleagues joining in the Mercuri Urval way, as well as strengthens the capability building for current employees. Our new learning concept combines e-learning and on-the-job training with international virtual tutor sessions and IRL excellence trainings. This work has just begun, and the opportunities are endless. 
  • Ever more connected colleagues are the key to offer our clients the best of Mercuri Urval every time, and it is the best opportunity for people to grow and develop their capabilities. Our new digital workplace, which also hosts the Mercuri Urval Learning Universe, is the new hub where knowledge, experience and inspiration is available to bring to our clients and to enrich every day working life for our people.  

The effects of our initiatives are long term, but also during 2019 we can look back on many great achievements of our people. The average performance of our consultants grew by 15%, which means that our people are continuing the trend in being more successful year on year. Equally positive, we managed to lower our Labour Turn Overamongst our senior consultant group, it is now below 5%. 

Our people will remain the core value we offer our clients, and in this sense 2019 have paved the way for many future successes and partnerships. Both short term and long term.