Maria Bæk Andersen

Senior Consultant

Maria Bæk Andersen is based in Hamburg and has been employed at Mercuri Urval since 2014, where she started in Aarhus, Denmark. She focuses on executive search and recruitment within a broad variation of industries and sectors and primarily on a specialist, middle-management and executive level. Furthermore, Maria has participated large international projects regarding organisational and management/talent development.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Maria worked with concept development and project management for both small and large clients at a small company that offered talent management services.

Maria is originally from Denmark and therefore also focuses on business and culture between Germany and Denmark, and is determined to work with cross-border projects.

Maria earned a MSc in Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University. Furthermore, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Communications from Aarhus Business and Social Sciences. She speaks Danish, English and German fluently.