Lars Rosencrantz

Senior Consultant

Lars Rosencrantz joined Mercuri Urval in 2022 as a Senior Consultant and is located at the Gothenburg office with a focus on the international arena. Lars supports our customers in the IT, Engineering and Logistics sectors.

Lars has a strong background in sales, sales management and business turnaround. In addition, he has extensive experience in leadership acquisition from operative and international management positions. With his vast experience in IT, Engineering and Logistics sectors, Lars has a strong understanding of leader acquisition demands for result generation and performance in both start-ups, matrix- and traditional organisational structures. Lars has extensive experience in sports leadership in endurance sports working as a coach and camp leader for the Swedish Triathlon Association.

Lars holds bi-academic degrees both as a mechanical engineer from Chalmers University of Technology and B.Sc in marketing & economics from the University of Gothenburg.