ESG leadership success

Our offering for ESG & sustainability leadership success

Leaders face major challenges in the years to come in transforming companies and operations in a more sustainable, circular or regenerative direction. Companies are now an integrated part of a much larger and complex ecosystem and not only a narrow supply and delivery chain.

Multi-stakeholder demands, UN Global Compact, significantly increased legislative requirements and regulations like CSRD and CSDDD, and IFRS standards etc. are crucial when developing and implementing a long-term strategy where sustainability is an integral part. It is not only about regulatory compliance or delivering short-term financial results. If companies want to outperform, it is about delivering strong predictable long-term results on the entire triple bottom line (People, Profit, Planet). While 70% of leaders believe their company is ready for the sustainability transition, only 25% have had a strategy in place for over 3 years and 40% do not have a strategy in place at all.

Leadership has never before had a bigger impact on results than now, and the leadership role has changed significantly. Leaders need to possess a set of capabilities and unlearn the old dogma, and they must possess strong self-leadership skills and lead from a purpose- and value-driven mindset to successfully transform and grow business and deliver the required predictable long-term results through a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Conventional leadership development programmes and conventional executive search approaches are not effective in predicting which leaders will succeed or in assembling leadership teams that are successful. 90% of traditional leadership development programmes have low or no impact on business and results. Only 50-60% of leadership appointments succeed.

MU provides a reliable alternative for acquisition and development of leaders who successfully can lead and facilitate the required sustainability transition of your company. Our experts’ advice, based on MU Leader Selection Science®, leads to improved performance and diversity of leaders. Your organisation will outperform when an MU Expert from our global Sustainability Practice partners with you to acquire your leader or leadership team and advise on their effectiveness and development.

MU’s global ESG Practice

We have a dedicated, and diverse team of experts, worldwide, focused on acquisition and development of leaders and specialised sustainability experts, who successfully can lead and facilitate the required sustainability transition of your company.

Our way of working, named MU Leader Selection Science® secures systematic, factful and precisely tailored advice to recognised quality assurance standards (ISO 10667) for our clients. Our way of working and advice leads to improved results as demonstrated in our validation studies regarding leader performance. Our validation work shows a success rate of more than 90%.

Our offering for sustainability leadership success

Our offering is developed and continuously upgraded by the MU Research Institute:

  • Executive Search: Executive Search for Board, top executives, senior managers, and specialised sustainability/ESG leadership roles.
  • Leadership development: Tailored individual leadership development programmes or tailored leadership team development programmes focusing on long-term triple bottom line success.
  • Sustainability Leadership Assessment: Assessment of whether the top-management team can successfully deliver on sustainability targets and at the same time deliver the required financial and operational results.
  • Sustainability organisation design: Advisory, analysis of context, situation, and future need, design of formal or functional organisation from a holistic perspective.
  • Sustainability community design: Living the sustainability values throughout the organisation.

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