Connect to new opportunities

As the pace of change accelerates, your capacity to restructure and redeploy people effectively can become a source of competitive strength or a weakness. Adapting the organisation – including making employees redundant – is likely to be a manager's most difficult task, as he or she balances people's feelings with organisational needs.

With professional assistance, the process can be handled in a respectful and dignified manner. Mercuri Urval's programmes for outplacement help you shape your organisation in both the short and long term, guiding your people and management through difficult change.

Tailor-made advice and coaching to improve and secure the right opportunities”

Board & Executive Outplacement

Our Board & Executive Outplacement service offers expert transition coaching for leaders – tailor-made advice and coaching to improve and secure the right opportunities. We match an executive's skills and ambitions with the realities of the labour market.

Certified ICF coaches

All Mercuri Urval Coaches operate according to ICF standards and are monitored through our network of ICF certified lead coaches. Our process matches the highest international standards. Mercuri Urval coaches are continuously updating their expertise through recurrent training and coaching development programmes.