Our Values and Code of Conduct

Our Values and Code of Conduct are based on our long standing business beliefs and the requirements of our business situation:

  • All employees are expected to work and behave according to our companies Values and Code of Conduct, wherever in the world we are
  • We will not engage in business relationships that place our Values or Code of Conduct at risk
  • Our Values and Code of Conduct will be embedded in our employment policies and other structural capital.

Our Values

  • We take full personal responsibility for our own conduct and performance
    Our behaviour has the highest standards of personal accountability, professional
    We build trust
  • We commit to excellence in all our work
    Our behaviour has high standards and is result orientated, effective and flexible
    We build success stories
  • We co-operate with respect and positive energy towards clients, candidates, colleagues and stakeholders
    Our behaviour values diversity and brings people together around common goals
    We build strong relationships
  • We prioritise our clients every day
    Our behaviour is market orientated and focused on understanding the needs of our clients and marketplace
    We build deep expertise

Our Code of Conduct

  • Employee and Manager Responsibility
    All employees should put the company and its interests first and immediately report any issues that place the company, its employees, clients or candidates at risk.
  • Business Practices
    We work within our clearly documented company work procedures, authorisation principles and legal and regulatory practices.
  • Employment Practices
    Our expectations and standards toward employees are described in our Company Employee Policy. Breaches of our standards or expectations of behaviour at work will be handled fairly according to our policy. This document also contains our company values that all employees should adhere to.
  • Work Environment
    We provide a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Environmental Practices
    We seek to reduce any harm to the environment through using modern technology and acting to reduce our use of resource
  • Anti-corruption
    We do not accept any form of bribery or corruption in our business.