Nicklas Jungander


Nicklas Jungander joined Mercuri Urval in 2011 and is based in Örebro, Sweden. He is the Global Account Manager for several large organisations and their collaborations with Mercuri Urval globally.

Nicklas develop partnerships with global clients of different sectors and sizes, such as automotive, forests & garden, coffee producers etc. He has a focus within Mercuri Urval's Industry sector where he works with large international companies. Nicklas focuses on, and serves as an active member of Mercuri Urval's team of future Client Directors. In his role as Global Account Manager, he also plays the role of Bid Manager for several large national and international bids.

Before joining Mercuri Urval, Nicklas worked as a Sales Manager and Regional Manager within organisations that drove development and education within entrepreneurship and start-ups. He has through his experience built a good ability to develop and pursue business opportunities as well as support companies in their strategic planning.

Nicklas holds a bachelor's degree in Science in Business Administration and Economics from Örebro University and in addition, a specialisation in Marketing, Organisation and Leadership.