MU at the Battery Days Congress in Germany

By Klaus Steinmann Thorsten Grösch

On September 15th and 16th, Thorsten Grösch - Senior Consultant - and Klaus Steinmann - Director - both from the Düsseldorf office in Germany, joined the Car Battery 2021 congress, which was a great success.

In total almost 300 participants joined the event live in Braunschweig (Germany), plus several hundreds of participants joined online. MU was one of the partners of the event.

Experts from the Automotive Battery Business presented dozens of sessions with topics such as current trends in battery development and manufacturing, the battery as a strategic future component for Europe, challenges for next cell development, the presentation of an innovative new player in the Battery production becoming global, and much more. Speakers typically represented the role of CEO, President, EVP or VP from companies such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Varta, SVolt, Farasus Energy, Umicore, etc.

Klaus explains: "It was great to get more insights into the whole value chain, from Battery Engineering and Production until recycling, about charging times and the ramp up of up 73 battery factories until 2025. This transformation process into e-mobility is the next Industrial Revolution!"

Our colleague Klaus Steinmann represented MU and the Global Automotive Sector Group on stage during an interview wherein they discussed strategies and methods in finding the right Managers for the Battery Industry.

Klaus"It was a very interesting discussion, with Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Director CAR, as our moderator. Some of the key learnings from the interview have been that Volkswagen will start their Battery GIGA-Factory in 2023 in Salzgitter (Germany), sourcing strategies appear to be a key success factor, recycling and disassembling of batteries has become a key topic, people are the bottleneck since talents for battery business can be found in other business sectors like semiconductor / medical / cleanroom industry or in start-up companies / hidden champions… and much more"  


Interested to hear more? Please contact Thorsten Grösch and / or Klaus Steinmann to know more about their days at the Battery Day congress.