Anne Louise Duus Kinnerup

Group Director

Anne Louise Duus Kinnerup is a member of Mercuri Urval's team in Aarhus and works with both Danish and international companies in the private sector (including financial and professional services, industrial products and manufacturing, technology and communication and consumer electronics). Anne Louise works with recruitment at both executive and specialist level and with leadership training, strategy processes and board development in order to secure the right capabilities to create a successful company.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Anne Louise served as Head of HR Development at Bang & Olufsen and as a counsellor for business clients in the finance sector. Throughout her career both as a manager and as a consultant, Anne Louise has worked with the development of teams and individuals in order for them to achieve better business results.

Anne Louise is a member of the board of DGI Huset Nordkraft and is facilitating an executive network of directors and company owners in the northern part of Jutland.

Anne Louise holds a BSc in Finance and Business Law supplemented with a Diploma in Strategy, Leadership and Organisation from the University of Aalborg and an executive board education from Copenhagen Business School. She is trained in coaching, strategy development and assessments and is fluent in English.