MU partner up with Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Circular Summit

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård

The Nordic Circular Hotspot is pleased to welcome MU to our Partnership Programme. To accelerate a circular transition in the Nordics, leadership is key, and MU's expertise in this field will be of high value to our community. 

The Nordic Circular Hotspot Partnership Programme is a ten-year collaboration programme designed for a strategic, systematic and efficient circular market transition to secure sustainable development in the Nordics.

“The new market reality of increasing demands regarding climate responsibility and actions toward circularity challenges the linear strategic perspective of most companies. Responding proactively to these demands while at the same time dealing with fragile supply chains and new opportunities require new tools, knowledge and skills in top management”, says Kim Hjerrild, Managing Partner Denmark. 

“We know that the key to sustainability is circularity. We know that we need thoughtful, aware and clear leadership to steer us in the circular and sustainable direction. We also know that collaboration is key to circularity. And therefore we are so glad to have MU collaborating with us, bringing in new leadership for the new time that we are now entering”, says Einar Kleppe Holthe, Managing Partner Norway.

MU is a leading global Leadership Acquisition and Advisory firm founded in the Nordics more than 50 years ago and every year MU serves thousands of clients in more than 60 countries.

From merely being a piecemeal approach, more and more companies integrate sustainability and regenerative thinking fully in their corporate and brand strategies. But merging sustainability and regenerative thinking with strategy is a huge task characterised by great uncertainty and complexity. Business must be a force for good, embracing purpose and transcending mere shareholder value creation.

Therefore, companies will have to focus their attention on maximising innovation capacity and thus on how the organisation can outperform when it matters most. But it all starts with a redefinition of the leadership role. Boards and leaders must possess the right capabilities in combination with a deep commitment and a transformational mindset in order to facilitate and innovate the new context. Those organisations that attract, motivate, and develop the most effective leaders outperform those that do not.

“By partnering up with Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Circular Summit, we see a possibility to engage with other parties across sectors and across boundaries to bring focus to the importance of rethinking the leadership role as a key factor in the sustainable and regenerative transformation of companies, organisations, and society. We also see the partnership as an opportunity to share our experience and knowledge gathered from projects all around the globe”, says Flemming Kehr, Global Practice Lead, Sustainability Transformation Leadership Services at MU.

Read more about Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Circular Summit here.


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