The process for the employee

Start-up – analysis – go to market

Mercuri Urval offers the employee a tailor made outplacement and career counselling process with individual meetings. We prefer a certain amount of "freedom of method" in relation to the specific activities, which at all times are adapted to the individual employee and his/her needs and expectations – we know from experience that the affected employees will be "ready" to work on job search at very different times.

The process for the employee starts with an individual meeting with one of our consultants where the concept of the cooperation is elaborated upon and details are determined. The employee and the consultant make an agreement on how to proceed, whether the employee is ready to go forward with the job seeking process on her/his own or if she/he needs additional coaching sessions.

Next phase serves to analyse needs and clarify goals and search strategy. This is supported by completion of questionnaires, personality test and an in-depth assessment where topics like personal strengths, limitations, clarification of values and future career are in focus.

The candidate and the consultant will with base in the previous analysis produce a strategy relating to existing network, particularly interesting companies, meetings and unsolicited enquiries and job seeking materials.