Further strengthening of our capabilities in the green business transformation and sustainability leadership practice

  • Welcome Flemming Kehr

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård Flemming Kehr

In order to further strengthen our strategy, we choose to focus ourselves according to our customers' needs. In addition to building industry practice expertise within MU, this means we also strengthen functional expertise which enables us to address our customers' key challenges, such as succeeding with sustainability and digital transformation.

To further strengthen our capabilities in the green business transformation and sustainability leadership practice, Flemming Kehr will join our team in Copenhagen in January.

Flemming has for a number of years worked internationally and assisted companies in construction, industry, energy and green tech / clean tech sectors with their strategic and organisational transformation - in recent years with a strong focus on green business transformation and sustainability leadership. In addition, Flemming has been behind several strategic change processes at Danish business and industry organisations and has experience as both a board and advisory board member.

In his own words

"For the last 5-7 years, the green business transformation agenda has played a significant role in my daily work with local and international clients. Sustainability leadership is a key element in a company’s green business transformation. Sustainability leadership is a mindset and a process of influence that, from a holistic point of view, delivers direction, alignment and commitment in an organisation and thus helps to change focus from exclusively short-term financial performance to a broader long-term corporate governance where defined KPIs and targets for growth and earnings are achieved with increased focus on compliance in relation to CSR and sustainability contribution.

Sustainability challenges are complex and cross-boundaries in nature. CEOs and board need to accept, that a new definition and priority of key tasks as well as the entire approach to business operations will change to balance the interests of all the company’s stakeholders. This not only means that competencies, initiatives and focus areas change in the company, but that the company’s overall corporate culture and identity will undergo changes. The organisations must learn, invent and implement “on the go” and at a speed that has not yet been seen.  A strong built culture will be crucial for the companies’ ability to transform and innovate, and not least to position themselves in a rapidly changing market in relation to suppliers, customers and other influencers and potential strategic partners. It is a complex journey witch CEOs and board need advice to handle. It is a completely new leadership role where each leader, management team or board must be comfortable working with complexity and collaborate cross-boundaries based on a new skill-set, a holistic view and a broad general knowledge of the issues they are addressing. The potential is huge, and I look forward to working with all of you to create value and drive the development of impactful sustainability leadership at our clients."

We are looking forward to taking a bigger role in driving the sustainability leadership agenda both in Denmark and internationally. Welcome Flemming to MU!