Hannu-Matias Nurmi

Head of Employment

Hannu-Matias Nurmi, based in Stockholm, leads Mercuri Urval's internal employment function. He supports Team Leaders and Central Managers in the hiring of best-in-class Consultants. Mercuri Urval believes getting the right people in the right roles is the most powerful business strategy there is, and as a consequence we are extremely careful about who we hire.

Hannu-Matias wants Mercuri Urval to be the most attractive environment for top performers who share our values and appreciate our way of working. He is convinced that joining Mercuri Urval is the best possible career move for a high achiever working in a global search firm or a local boutique agency. He is happy to discuss how new Consultants will have a key role in building the future of Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and premium Talent Advisory in a global context.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Hannu-Matias was a CEO of a high growth business that was acquired by a global mobile game- and entertainment company. At Mercuri Urval, prior to his current responsibilities, Hannu-Matias managed an ICT & Digital Business sector in Helsinki, Finland.

Hannu-Matias is a startup investor and he is an invited lecturer to universities and events on different leadership and HR topics. He has experience as non-executive full-time Chairman of the Board for a Finnish multi-business group. Hannu-Matias earned a MSc (theology) from University of Helsinki, with minors in leadership, social psychology and work psychology.