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Our office in Aarhus is growing fast and so can you if you join our international Nordic team. Since 1984, the Aarhus team has had an enviable role for key private and public clients. Our work from the City of Smiles, as Aarhus is locally called, spans from governmental projects to regional and multinational assignments. The Aarhus teams have a strong family culture with an outgoing attitude that includes all new colleagues from their first day.

Mercuri Urval gives me the opportunity to work with a diverse team of colleagues across the globe with the common aim to give our clients the best possible service" - Peter Torjussen (Partner)

Growing business with people

Mercuri Urval is a leading consultancy firm in Denmark, which supports its business community to create results and impact through people. Our work in the Aarhus office is performed by three teams who drive extraordinary results for numerous sectors: 

  • Our public team focuses on publicly owned organisations municipalities. As the public sector is a big player in the Danish economy and society, our colleagues in Aarhus provide unique solutions to clients within the health, social services and education sector; 
  • Another team supports small and medium sized firms operating across the Nordics, Germany and Britain. With local knowledge our team engage in partnerships with IT, finance, and construction firms. They are searching for executives and specialists who will expand Danish firms internationally or help firms enter Denmark;
  • Our third team is partnering with large global firms as energy, service, and manufacturing corporations. Through close collaborations with colleagues around the globe, our Aarhus based team connects their clients with worldwide solutions. One example is how the team is running large scale assessment projects with global clients.

Who we are

In the Aarhus office experienced colleagues with over 30 years in Mercuri Urval collaborate successfully with high performing colleagues who have recently joined the team. We are a unique group of energetic and dedicated consultants with different academic backgrounds and various practical experiences in national, global and public organisations, working with market leaders to create change.

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Office atmosphere

Our Aarhus office has a big open space where years of experience merge with creative solutions for each of our clients. After spending only a few minutes in the office you will feel a sense of belonging. There is a high energy-level which leads to a 'go-get-it' attitude, encouraging teamwork, and a willingness to invest time in each other's successes. The office atmosphere embraces and challenges personal and professional growth. As a result, ideas are exchanged across desks and individual insights are easily shared.

Besides spontaneously arranged after-work gatherings, our annual office parties are enjoyed fully by our team members. Likewise, our end-of-year dinner is a celebration that gathers all the Danish teams. The company traditions reach new heights every year.

The Mentor Programme

Creating results through people has no age barrier. The Aarhus team is committed to leaving a small footprint on the social environment. In a partnership with the municipality, the Mentor Programme has supported more than 500 pupils since its launch in 2009.

Our team finds, develops and matches the right mentors with pupils in need of a role model. The aim of the programme is to inspire and support pupils in primary school to finish their education and continue with a secondary education. They will drive the change in the future, and we want to be part of that.

If you want to know more about the Mentor Programme, contact Jesper Lund or watch a video (in Danish) here