What does the future hold?

For successful consultants progression is automatic 

What does a Mercuri Urval Consultant's future look like?

Whichever path you choose, perhaps more than one, we are ready when you are. For successful consultants progression is automatic. You can expect you career to develop through these phases:

Year 1:

You'll create a client platform, soon becoming skilled at attracting and securing new clients. You'll learn how to lead clients and manage assignments. At the end of year one you will have clients that will turn to you to attract the best possible talent, and you will be able to lead our work with them.

Year 2:

You'll strengthen your client platform and learn to excel in search and selection. Defining the factors that lead a person to success in a specific role is difficult. Finding and selecting the best possible candidate that matches the demands is also difficult. As a Mercuri Urval consultant you will become a trusted expert, ensuring the people our clients employ match the demands of their organisation. At the end of your second year you will have a strong client platform and you'll be improving clients results through people.

Year 3:

You'll be leading and growing a strong client platform, making sure we deliver excellence. You will be known as a trusted partner that always delivers results. At the end of your third year you should be ready to take the next step in your career:

  • Working at increasingly senior levels in Executive Search
  • Leading international business or large accounts
  • Implementing a broad range of Talent Management services
  • Building your own team as a new Team Leader.

As a successful consultant who wants to make a long term commitment to our company you can be appointed to be a partner. Decisions to invite employees to be partners will be made by the foundation board. The possibility to be partner will depend on long term contribution, and demonstrated commitment to our company and its values.

Those that contribute the most and would like to commit long term will be able to make a partnership agreement with the company. Doing so will ensure they are the major beneficiary´s from the companies future profitability.