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Employer Attractiveness and Branding

Managing the Laws of Attraction – Appealing To and Retaining Talent

Business leaders know that the labor market is set to change considerably in the coming decades.

The growth of an aging population in many Western countries will result in fewer people of working age and increased competition across most sectors.

That means that the ability to attract, select, engage and retain people is crucial to the future success of any ambitious organization.

Skillfully developing your brand

Therefore, employers need to skillfully develop their employer brand to appeal to and retain the talent.

Employer branding is about presenting the organization as a first-class place to work for existing and potential staff. The right value proposition is a key element of your competitive advantage.

Laying the foundations

First, it is important to understand the experience you give to your employees today – and then to clarify the promise you are making to them. What makes your organization special? How does your future make a compelling story for the people you need?

Communicating your story

Once you are clear about your proposition, it’s time to communicate the message.

How do you package your offer to potential new hires?

How do you shape your talent management processes around your brand?

Whether it’s some practical advice in attracting a new manager, or a systematic development of your total employment proposition, Mercuri Urval helps companies boost their employer appeal.

In Recruitment

Our recruitment consultants and media specialists understand how to best convey your brand image. Our team expresses your brand by evaluating different sourcing channels and designing a recruitment campaign that communicates what your organization stands for, and the promise it makes.

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In Talent Management

Our talent management experts recognize that your employment brand must be the drumbeat behind your talent management strategy. Retention means ensuring that the promise you make to new employees is met by the reality that greets them from day one.

So whether it’s how you evaluate your people, match them to the right roles, develop their competence or even re-deploy them through change, we can help you bring your employment brand to life.

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