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Team Development

Helping your Teams Achieve Extraordinary Results

Strong teams drive your business forward. Team Coaching with Mercuri Urval helps your teams achieve extraordinary results, now and in the future.

Our approach improves the existing capabilities of your teams and gives them the focus, insight, support, skills and tools they need as a group to achieve sustainable results.

It’s a tailor-made program to develop the whole team and the role of each team member.

Our methodology is proven and validated.  A typical program starts with  accurately defining your business needs.   We then analyze team performance using our 360˚ TeamScan™ tool and, based on the findings, we develop a program focused on:

  • Clear business and team goals
  • A charter that structures an optimal way for the team to work
  • Development of the team dynamic – the best personal interaction between team members
  • Defining measurements to understand the impact of each team on your organization
  • SMARTER™ action planning to increase each team’s effectiveness
     - For the team
     - For each individual in their team role
  • Ongoing coaching for the team and its members

Team Coaching delivers results as goals are achieved – the ongoing process and plans in place will guarantee the team’s future success.

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