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Our approach

Mercuri Urval’s coaching solution is based on our pioneering work into understanding exactly what makes people perform at higher levels. The combination of our people, our tools and our process makes Business Coaching truly unique:

1. Based on insight
Business Coaching starts with a clear and agreed insight into the individual, ensuring that the coach understands both the business situation and the individual’s capability.

2. Focused on targets
Mercuri Urval’s extensive experience in personal and professional development means we understand the impact coaching can have on your business results. Therefore, we link the coaching objectives to SMARTER™ targets that deliver for the business as well as the individual.

3. A proven Learning Methodology
Mercuri Urval coaches deploy our Activity-Based Coaching and Development (ABCD™) method. This approach is proven to accelerate the personal and business impact of coaching. It ensures learning is an active, not a theoretical process.

4. Measurable Results
Our three-pronged approach ensures that the line manager is active throughout the coaching process. As a result, they are able to support the participant’s development, and to provide feedback to the coach on challenges faced and how they are met.

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