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Job Description and Specification

Describe the Roles that your Business Strategy Demands

Our Role and Demand analysis is the foundation for a successful recruitment or talent management.

Role & Demand Analysis
High performance starts with defining the right role-demands. A thorough analysis of the current and future business situation alongside our industry benchmark insight will show the competence needed for any position.

Role & Demand analysis is Mercuri Urval’s process for identifying, prioritizing and documenting the knowledge, skills and attributes needed in a specific role, function or business.

We use structured interviews and/or surveys with stakeholders to ensure the right capabilities are identified. We then prioritize them with you to match the demands of your strategy and build specific role profiles:

- What is the value contribution of the role holder?

- What knowledge, skills and attributes are needed?

- What experience and behavior will achieve success?

So whether you need a role profile building for a specific recruitment – or a total role classification solution as part of a talent upgrade or re-structuring – we have the tools and expertise to deliver.