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Individual Assessment or Selection

Make Informed Choices

Be sure to make the right choice when you recruit, promote or develop an individual. Look beyond formal qualifications and experience.  Mercuri Urval can help you assess motivations, ambitions and performance traits.

Using world-class tools and methodologies, our expert consultants combine business and people insight to help you make the right decision. Our approach means we can make a predictive capability assessment. In other words, we can accurately evaluate how individuals will perform in a prospective role.

Mercuri Urval conducts the individual assessment within your business context, and in accordance with the specific role and level. We apply our experience in psychometric profiling, cognitive and ability testing, in-depth interviewing and career profiling.

A world class tool is one thing, equally important is:

  • The expertise and professional competence of our people.
  • Making the effort to understand your business.
  • Accreditation to the highest standards of assessment competence.

Our expert model of behavioral interviewing combines with highly reliable multiple assessment inputs. Put simply, we use a range of proven assessment inputs, weighted against role demands, to accurately make a connection between behavior, performance and results.

Individual Assessment by Mercuri Urval