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Joining Forces – Multiplying Capabilities

Close to one third of all mergers and acquisitions increase shareholder value. Another third are outright failures. It all comes down to people.

Time and time again, we have seen that the success or failure of a merger or acquisition reflects the degree to which people have been involved in a structured integration process. No matter how closely two companies appear to be aligned on the surface, the merging of cultures and people represents a big challenge – but offers great opportunities.

Mercuri Urval understands the emotional landscape and the disparate phases that organizations go through in a merger. Partnering with our clients through transition and integration, we have accumulated insights into change processes that will help you get it right:

  • Plan the integration process
  • Select the right people
  • Compose the right teams
  • Coach managers and teams

By proactively intervening in people issues, we can ensure a successful start and outcome for your new merger or acquisition.

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