Client Services

Property and Construction

Innovators for a Changing Landscape

Mercuri Urval works with some of the most successful construction businesses, helping them respond to the challenges and continuing changes typical of this sector.

Environmental challenges
The construction industry is facing new demands for energy saving solutions and an even stronger customer focus on health, safety and the environment. Legislation and social pressures are forcing businesses to utilize technology, materials and processes more effectively than ever before.

Improving trust and cutting costs
Traditional methods of engaging with clients and competitors are also changing. Clients no longer want a transactional relationship that can lead to contentious situations regarding work completion and finalizing payments. They want to build trusted partnerships. This means creating an environment where cost savings and benefits are shared.

How we assist the property and construction sector
Mercuri Urval’s team of specialist consultants supports businesses in a number of ways. We have a clear process for integrating newly acquired businesses, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles and that the new team feels part of the broader organization.

And we provide the tools to equip businesses in facing these challenges. These include strategic workshops, identifying a business direction, leadership team audits, team development, individual assessment, coaching and skills development.

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