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Succeeding in the New Landscape

The energy sector is one of the world’s largest industries with a critical role in global society and the daily life of individuals.

As a highly diverse industry with companies of all sizes, it has a long value chain with activities ranging from on- or offshore gas extraction to smart metering for households. Providers must adhere to both local and international regulations and standards.

We recognize that as the marketplace changes, our energy clients - both start-ups and the major utilities - are facing as many challenges as opportunities.

Massive growth ahead
The industry stands at the threshold of the most rapid growth period in human history: as the vast populations of emerging markets see their living standards rise so will their energy consumption..

Adapting to climate change
Meanwhile, in more mature markets, the industry is expected to adapt to climate challenges and security requirements. In all markets, new renewable technologies promising cleaner power generation are growing fast. As a consequence, energy markets are simultaneously undergoing competitive deregulation and climate-related legislation.

Higher levels of complexity
Energy companies of all kinds face higher levels of complexity and must adapt their organizations accordingly. They must deal with the uncertainty of developing technologies and political regulation. In order to meet the demand for “smarter” grids that reduce losses and consumption, traditional energy companies must form new alliances with companies from the IT, telecom and internet sectors.

Mercuri Urval works closely with companies in the energy sector and has particular expertise in:

  • Oil and gas production
  • Power generation
  • Electricity and gas supply
  • Renewable energy

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