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Board Evaluation

The Role of the Board is Under the Spotlight

Effective corporate governance needs to be high on your company’s agenda. Because the decisions your board make determine the value of your company.

So understanding your board, and helping them perform, is critical to long-term business success.

Mercuri Urval’s Board and Executive Practice provides an independent and objective evaluation of your board. Continuous improvement is not just a subject for those working in your business – it is paramount for those whose work affects your business. Even the most experienced executives must keep learning – to lead change successfully and to set an example for the rest of the organization.

Simply describing what you have is not enough

Through our unique assessment program, we can predict how your existing or new board will perform in the future. How they will approach the work of formulating a strategy, and how they will manage risk and return. Moreover, how do their innate preferences and experiences inform their thinking – for good and for bad?

Our approach to Board Evaluation is always tailored to the business situation. Typically, we address the following issues:
- What are the strengths and limitations of the board as a whole as well as the individual members?

- What gaps and development needs can realistically be addressed?

- What risks or opportunities do we see for your business?

- How can your board improve its performance?

The answers to questions like these help companies take better advantage of current opportunities and plan their future more accurately. And whatever question we address with you, you can be assured of practical and actionable recommendations.

The result of Board Evaluation

Each Board evaluation is unique with its own specific goals. Whether you need clear and specific recommendations for each individual or a more strategic insight into the board’s role and contribution, our experts have the track record to ensure success.

For a confidential discussion about developing the performance of your Board members, please contact us.