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Recruitment by Mercuri Urval

Taking your career seriously

Being a candidate in a Mercuri Urval recruitment process is more than a step towards your new job. It may also give you a new perspective on your career.

Understanding needs
The point of departure in any recruitment process is our client – your potential employer. We seek to understand their business, their strategy and their capability needs.

Understanding our client’s needs helps us to make the perfect match. And it lets us give you a great introduction to your potential employer.

Attracting talent
To find the best possible talent, we utilise a wide range of sourcing channels. Our own international CV database is invaluable, but to make sure we don’t miss out on anyone, we search through external databases and place job ads in print and digital media.

Once you’ve let us know you’re interested, we want to get to know you better. No matter how the recruitment turns out, we promise to keep you well informed throughout the process.


Getting to know you
If your qualifications and track record are relevant to our client, we try to look beyond your CV. We are interested in your personality, motivation, values and ambitions.

All our candidates undergo an extensive assessment procedure. But above all, we want to engage with you in an open discussion. Expect us to assess your capabilities within the context of the specific role you’ve applied for.

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Let’s talk about your career
No matter the outcome of the recruitment, Mercuri Urval makes sure that you gain something from the experience. We aren’t just concerned with finding the right person for a particular role. Finding the right role for you is just as important.