Jobs and Career

Interviews and Assessments

Personality is everything

You spent a lifetime becoming the person you are. We don’t have that much time. In order to ensure the perfect match for our client and for you, we seek to understand your personality by using tests and interviews in a professional and structured way.

To Mercuri Urval, recruitment and selection is not ultimately about formal qualifications. Comparing your CV to a set of criteria is the first step. But we aren’t just looking for someone who can carry out certain tasks to our client’s satisfaction.

We are seeking the capabilities that will help our clients make their strategies work, the personality that will complement and challenge their organisation.

And by getting to know you, we seek to find the kind of role that will help you build a great career.

It’s for you too
The prospect of having your personal strengths and weaknesses revealed and discussed can be intimidating to anyone. But our selection process is nothing like a school exam.

There are no right or wrong answers, no perfect personality. There’s simply a set of qualities required for a specific role. And don’t forget, there are also certain roles matching your personal life situation, interests, values and aspirations better than others.

You tell us!
Our psychometric and analytical assessment tools and methodologies do not tell us everything about who you are. We identify certain patterns and share our findings with you. This is our chance to ask you the right questions. And it’s your chance to tell us how you see yourself.

Make sure you take the opportunity to engage in an open discussion. Talk to us about what you want from your professional life, and where you want to go with your career.

We are there to help our client make the right recruitment choice. And we would like to help you make the right career choice as well.

Our pledge to you:

  • Our assessment of you will be specific to the job and to our client, and reflect the function and level of the role, and the nature of the client organisation.
  • We want to make the process a useful and constructive experience for you.
  • The tools and methodologies that are used will be explained to you in full, and you will be encouraged to discuss their relevance and raise any questions or concerns with us at any point.
  • We are committed to treating you individually, with dedication and respect.
  • We may not always be able to give you instant feedback on the outcome of the selection process, but we will do our best to keep you up to date and prepared.

Our tools and processes:

  • are based on our own experience from more than forty years in recruitment and selection, and on the research of leading experts in the performance of individuals, teams and organisations
  • are continuously updated to reflect current best practice and to allow for variances in local cultures and client-specific needs

Previous participants in our selection processes have expressed that they find it thorough and searching, and the findings accurate, objective and constructive.