Client Services

Executive Outplacement or Career Change

Helping displaced executives through personal change

Restructuring can be traumatic, so Mercuri Urval helps executives make the next step in their career.

Our Executive Outplacement service offers expert transition coaching for leaders - tailor-made advice and coaching to improve and secure the right opportunities.

Connect to new opportunities

We match an executive’s skills and ambitions with the realities of the labour market.

Our tailor-made, outplacement programme borrows our proven Business Coaching methodology. In this unique situation we help executives understand and act on personal change. We help them make the right decisions about their future.

We acknowledge that executives are best able to decide their own future challenges, but we recognise that change can be traumatic. So our coaches act as process catalysts and trusted advisers, and also connect the executive to our local and global recruitment teams.

Our hands-on programme motivates the individual to act, thereby accelerating the process of making the next career move.

A faster process

Mercuri Urval’s Executive Outplacement is faster and better-targeted than traditional outplacement services. Executive Outplacement is a unique combination of best-in-class coaching methodologies and hands-on job search and networking support. As one of Europe’s leading recruiters – with executive outplacement specialists throughout our organisation – we can provide the two things your executives really need:

- Practical advice and access to the executive recruitment market

- Expert personal guidance and coaching to find the right move and cope
  with change 

The qualifications of our coaches

Our outplacement coaches have undergone expert training in Activity Based Coaching and Development (ABCD®).