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Re-deploy your People

Making the right people moves

As the pace of change accelerates, your capacity to restructure and redeploy people effectively can become a source of competitive strength or a weakness.

You can’t avoid the need to redeploy your people when faced with new business challenges. And as an employer, you can’t risk damaging your brand through badly executed restructuring.

You need a business that’s in the right shape for the future and you need to move people in the right way. We call it Right-Shaping.

RightShape™ your Business

Right-Shaping is more than just a nice name for downsizing or restructuring. And it involves more than bringing costs into alignment with revenue projections.

Mercuri Urval’s Right-Shaping solutions form a strategic approach to achieving business results through significant change.

They’re about deploying people into the right roles to ensure high performance. And about managing displaced employees in a sensitive, supportive and effective way.

So whatever your needs when reorganising your people, Mercuri Urval has the expertise and solutions to get it right:

 - Strategic assessment of your human capital to identify who will meet the challenges of the future and how will they do it

 - Professional, supportive and effective approach to handling staff who are redeployed

 - Expert transition coaching for leaders to enable them to cope with and act on change effectively

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