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Measuring return on investment

We start by getting a clear understanding of your needs and those of the participants, as well as the programme’s desired outcome. Once the goals and measurements for success are identified, we work with you to perfect the programme’s style, content and focus. The aim is to maximise engagement and commitment from participants. After the programme is completed, we measure the results to demonstrate your return on investment.

Mercuri Urval’s expertise

The development programmes are built on Mercuri Urval’s core expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Change management
    - Culture change
    - Team development
    - Business transformation
  • Implementation of strategy
  • HR and talent management
    - Recruitment best practice
    - Assessment best practice
    - Development and learning
    - Performance management
  • Business Development
     - Sales
     - Account management

Why collaborate with Mercuri Urval

  • Global reach and consistency
  • Expert specialist facilitators and programme designers
  • Focused on sustainable results (including train the trainer)
  • Language capability and cultural sensitivity
  • Practical business focus with established ROI measurement processes
  • Clear and effective tools, techniques and best practice content

Applications for our programmes

  • Developing leadership capability
  • Developing your management
  • Changing the organisation profile
  • Building new organisation capabilities
  • Changing leadership and strategy implementation

The process’s three stages
The initial phase:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Setting desired goals with you
  • Programme design and tailoring by Mercuri Urval
  • Establishing an expected return on investment (ROI)
  • Communication and programme management
  • Integration into your existing company programme / training scheme (where appropriate)

 Case Studies:

  1. For a London-based private bank we designed a programme to engage senior management in leadership development and to develop their individual skills as leaders. Read more…
  2. The challenge: A production company in a cost-cutting situation that needed to implement numerous changes over a short period. Our solution: a result–oriented, high impact programme for the organisation’s managers. Read more…
  3. Global software business building HR capability. Read more…

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