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360-degree Development

Your people from every angle

Mercuri Urval’s Business 360 process allows you to see how you and your staff are perceived in those crucial moments of interaction with clients and colleagues.

It identifies areas of development. It measures progress. And it supports the kind of behaviour your business needs to succeed.

Are you acquiring important new skills efficiently?

Are there any hidden talents who are not being used to the full?

What goes on when you’re not there?

Is your divisional leader in really perceived as a ball of aggression? Or is he or she regarded as a good-natured team player with all-round leadership skills?

You really ought to know.

These issues can make or break your profits.

The survey
Business 360 starts in the same way every as other Mercuri Urval processes: with us understanding your business the way you do. Unlike many 360° activities this means the development findings can be applied to the participants’ real work situation

We look at your business from your angle. And we look at your people from every angle. We identify managers, peers, subordinates, customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders who may provide valuable insights. Our online 3D™ survey tool generates a detailed map of how the participating individual or group is perceived – using one of our capability models, or a set of questions we build against yours.

The development
Analysing the output of the perception survey, an experienced Mercuri Urval business consultant identifies the participant’s areas for development. We’re looking for gaps between actual and potential performance. Then, we set out to close that gap by bringing the participant into alignment with your business strategy. This means a clear, relevant and result-focused development plan.

The result
Business 360 helps your people work more efficiently, build stronger teams and get closer to clients. Above all, we help them understand your strategy and their own part in it.

Business 360 uses perception surveys to gain insight into the behaviour of an individual or group. Our methodology incorporates proven best practice into a reliable and robust process to achieve a holistic assessment.

Our aim is to support, not to dissect and criticise.

We give feedback sensitively. Our findings can be used to direct career counselling, or to help the participant become more effective in relation to their clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

The information gathered is in-depth and rounded because input stems from many levels and sources. This gives our feedback the credibility that motivates participants towards 360° development and change.


Why Mercuri Urval leads the way in human resources

Our consultants use proprietary best-practice tools, such as our own developed Capability Models and associated questionnaires, our simple and efficient 3D™ Survey tool and our best practice concepts for development planning and career counselling.

The highly effective and reliable Business 360 process is used successfully worldwide. So questionnaires and all other relevant materials are available in most major languages.

What’s more, Business 360 can be combined with other Mercuri Urval assessment and development methodologies

Individual Assessment

Business Coaching

We deliver relevant results. Feedback and development plans are fully aligned with the needs of the organisation and the individual.