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HR Strategy Development

Create the future

Success in business depends on much more than having the right strategy. You need the right people in place to implement it. It’s about putting your human resources at the centre of your business strategy.

With decades of experience, Mercuri Urval provides you with first class methods to analyse your business and then develop the required people-strategy. 

We build up a clear picture of your business by calibrating input from stakeholders and customers and by examining competitors’ behaviour. With you, we can then build a strategy that addresses key questions such as:

- How will you compete in the future?

- What activities will drive your success?

- How will you best implement your strategy?

- What is best practice for your type of business?

- What people capabilities will you need?

- What talent programmes and initiatives do you need to design and implement in order to attract, develop and retain the required capabilities?

- How will you develop a world class HR capability?

And when it’s time to implement, we can be your partner too.

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