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Capability Model Development

Build a framework to describe the competences your business needs

A Capability Model enables you to create a common understanding of what behaviours are required to implement your strategy – defining what talent your organisation needs to reach its goals.

Mercuri Urval’s approach provides you with a clear and direct link between goals, strategy and people-capabilities.

Tailor-made for your business situation, our methodology is proven to build Capability Models that deliver results.

By conducting a thorough analysis of your business context, we identify the critical capabilities your people need. This analysis is the foundation for our work together to develop your model – using language that’s relevant, simple and enduring.

Our approach is to take your key people with us, to make sure stakeholders really have a stake in the model developed. This approach significantly accelerates your capacity to integrate the new model into your talent management processes. And the faster you do this, the faster your Capability Model starts to help you build the talent your business needs.

With decades of implementation experience behind us we provide practical recommendations, so you can bring the model to life, ensuring it has the right impact on your critical decisions about people.

Why build your Capability Model with Mercuri Urval

- Global reach and consistency

- We are pioneers in linking business to people capabilities

- Hands on expert advice and specialist model development teams

- Proprietary tools and best practice, like our MMInE™ analysis techniques, that accelerate the process and improve quality at each step of the way

- Expert business consultants that understand commercial challenges

- Proven track record of successful design and implementation

- We can be your implementation partner, whenever you need us


Applications for Capability Models

- Development of corporate values

- Implementation of strategy

- Talent upgrade

- Setting new talent and performance standards

- Creating a common view of your required leadership capability

- Creating a framework for a capability building programme


- Programme management set-up

- Current and future analysis of the business

- Capability modelling through facilitated workshops

- Documentation and approval of the Capability Model

- Presentation of the Capability Model with recommendations for its implementation

- Follow-up and review process