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Define your People Needs

Foresight gives you the advantage

Understanding your future needs for people is the critical basis for effective talent management.

When shaping your organisation, it’s critical to align your talent strategy with your company’s evolving business situation. Knowing what people-capabilities you need is the key to achieving your goals.

So, whether you are making an important recruitment decision, embarking on a focused development activity or re-structuring to change business performance, a clear definition of what you need to succeed is the necessary first step.

Most companies have a set of business targets that they aim to achieve and a strategy outlining the way to get there. Our analysis solutions help you define the types of people you need to secure success – to set the right framework to attract, develop and retain high performers:

- Build a winning HR strategy

- Define competence frameworks that describe high performance

- Specify the roles you need

- Put customer insight at the heart of your people plans