Client Services

Individual assessment by Mercuri Urval

  • Global reach and consistency
  • Proprietary class-leading tools: psychometric profiling, analytical, verbal and conceptual ability testing, expert behavioural interview model
  • Expert business consultants who understand commercial challenges
  • Proven validity and accuracy based on business and people insight
  • 30 000 assessments carried out every year, worldwide
  • Pioneers within our field – more than 40 years of knowledge and experience

Practical application

  • Individual selection of new recruits
  • Identification of potential and talent
  • Personal development planning
  • Redeployment decisions
  • Alignment to corporate capability profiles

Business case study 1
Mercuri Urval was engaged by a leading European communication and information technology company to carry out the assessment and selection of individuals for internal promotion and external recruitment. The company was in the middle of a restructuring process.

Business case study 2
Mercuri Urval was engaged by a leading global technology company to assess the potential of candidates against specific role requirements. The process took place in several countries simultaneously and included small- and medium-sized partner enterprises.