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Capability Review™

Are you capable of success?

Whether you’re talking strategy implementation, talent management or succession planning, it’s all about capabilities. It’s about identifying future capability needs, your current capabilities, and any gaps between the two.

A Capability Review™ by Mercuri Urval takes place within the context of your specific business situation. When we assess people we evaluate their current capability and their potential to make your strategy work. That’s why your business strategy is our starting point, as well as the overall objective.

So whether you need to audit a global management team, or evaluate the competence of a business division, Capability Review™ is your answer. And whatever result you need – selection, development or re-deployment – we deliver.

To the future – and back
Traditionally, the first step is to translate your business strategy into capability needs. The next step is to assess your people. Why not the other way around?

We start with tomorrow’s needs, because that’s where we learn what capabilities to look for in the people you have today, so they can deliver tomorrow.

Of course we capture an accurate assessment of people’s performance capability in current roles. But more than this we’re looking for the capabilities that will make your strategy successful in the long term. And we’re looking for people’s potential to develop those capabilities.

Filling the gaps
Our Capability Review™ process allows us to identify any competence gaps by understanding future capability needs and evaluating current capabilities against this framework. But we don’t stop there. The Capability Review™ shows you:

  1. The people who have the potential to develop the kind of capabilities you need
  2. How you can develop them
  3. And the kind of capabilities you’ll need to look for when recruiting new people

Learn more about building a capability model that defines your future need for people.

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