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Strategic Recruitment Solutions

Why recruitment should be part of your long-term strategy

Your organisation needs a clearly defined resourcing strategy to ensure that it’s effectively staffed with skilled professionals. That’s how your business can tackle the challenges and opportunities of the future in a sustainable way. 

When planning for the future, make sure that your key capabilities and resources are in place when you need them.

Being strategic about human resource management means being visionary and identifying the people you need in the long term to implement your business strategy.

Mercuri Urval’s Strategic Recruitment Solutions help our clients create the right hiring strategy – this includes workforce planning, developing multiple organisation and role profiles, and project-managing volume recruitment. Whether your organisation needs to recruit a new team or business unit – or simply plan its resource capability for the longer term – we should be your professional partner in strategic human resourcing.

Strategic Recruitment Services typically involve: 

  • Understanding your business strategy and resource demands
  • Reviewing personnel skills
  • Identifying the capabilities and workforce planning you’ll need in the future
  • Defining a recruitment strategy in alignment with your business goals
  • Executing large national and global recruitment programmes
  • Integrated management of all candidate-sourcing channels
  • Volume assessment, capability profiling and integration services

See why you should define the people your business needs in the future.