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Sales Transformation

Improving Sales Results

Short-term sales targets are no guarantee of long-term success. Mercuri Urval can help you serve customers and shareholders better by developing an improved sales model, structure and competence.

With Sales Transformation, our goal is to make sure that your sales force supports your strategic business objectives. After all, improving the performance of a sales operation could be the fastest way to impact your overall business performance.

Whatever your strategy – increasing margins, growing revenues with existing customers, acquiring new clients or market opportunities – we can help.

Go beyond the competition
Getting the right insight into the opportunities for and threats to your sales operation is the starting point for any effective transformation.

Because Mercuri Urval believes that in the long run, success can only be achieved by building strong customer relationships.

Our Customer Perception Analysis methodology reaches beyond traditional customer satisfaction measurements. Instead, it takes the temperature of your existing relationship with customers and then works out how best to create value for and from them. This understanding of each customer’s business, allows you to identify and meet its needs.

The transformation – step by step

  1. Analysis
    We assess your business situation in context and analyse your customers’ perception of you. In this process, we don’t just learn how your customers would like you to approach them, we leave them with a favourable impression of your company, sending them the message that you are working hard to improve your service offer.
  2. Design
    Together with you, we design the right sales model and structure, defining the commercial capabilities and behaviour you need to develop.
  3. Transformation
    Using psychometric profiling, cognitive testing and in-depth assessment interviews, we evaluate your people’s potential to generate better sales results. Based on this, we help you fill any capability gaps and make the right deployment decisions. These could involve coaching individuals and groups to develop the right attitudes and behaviour; recruiting and selecting new sales talents; and supporting individuals who would like to move on to other challenges internally or externally.
  4. Implementation and follow-up
    Six to 12 months after your newly-transformed sales organisation is up and running, we carry out a performance review to measure results and identify any needs for further activities.