Client Services

How to adapt successfully

Mercuri Urval assists the company’s management in preparing, executing and implementing the necessary changes. The success of outplacement depends on the management’s ability to manage three parties through three phases in three processes:

The three phases

Before – during – after

The three processes

Preparing – executing – implementing

The three parties

The executing management – the affected employees – the remaining personnel

Mercuri Urval helps all three parties. We assist, train and coach the executing management before, during and after the organisational change.

We coach and counsel the affected employees after their dismissal. We assist the management in implementing a new strategy, communicating with the remaining staff so that they are fully prepared for the new strategy and new goals.

Understanding your situation

Our outplacement programmes consists of many flexible services. With global companies we adapt these to local, regional or national job markets, legislation and reporting rules.

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