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When facing revenue or profitability problems, it’s time to do the most challenging task any manager can think of. It’s probably also the most important job you’ll ever do. Rightsizing your organisation can secure future growth. Let’s help you get it right.

Right-shaping is more than just a nice name for downsizing. Right-shaping involves more than bringing costs in alignment with revenue projections.

Mercuri Urval RightShape™ is a strategic approach to achieve business results through significant change – while preparing your business for new growth.

RightShape™ by Mercuri Urval
Mercuri Urval’s RightShape™ solution involves three core elements that enable you to build the right business for the future.

  1. Having developed your future business structure, we need to make sure that you make the right people moves. This means a strategic assessment of your human capital to identify who will meet the challenges of the future and how will they do it.
  2. A professional, supportive and effective approach to handling re-deployees – that will leave all internal and external parties with a favourable impression of your company’s image.
  3. Expert transition coaching for leaders to enable them to cope with and act on change effectively.

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