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People Due Diligence

Evaluate your human assets

When an acquisition is under consideration, human assets should be a natural part of any due diligence process.

The value of an acquisition lies in its potential. Evaluating the capability of the leadership team to deliver in the long term, is just as crucial as assessing the value of any other asset.

People due diligence tells you how smoothly and swiftly the integration process will run, and lets you estimate at what point the organisation will perform at its full potential. 

The evaluation should include individual managers and teams on different levels, and not least the managers or teams in charge of the integration process.

Management audit

Pre-merger Management Audit
A management capability review is linked to the strategic requirements of the emerging company. This review adds vital information to the total due diligence effort. The results can – and should be – applied as a key factor in the overall pricing of the asset. Read more about our reviews.

Post-merger Management Audit
Once an acquisition is complete, the capability review has already identified the team managers – and members – who will adopt and promote your strategic vision for the acquisition. This input allows you to put together new management teams proactively. If properly integrated in new roles, these teams will be ready to run the new company from day one. Read about FastStart™.