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Organisational Development

Bringing people, culture and structures together to optimise performance

The right organisational model will improve your business effectiveness. Mercuri Urval’s Organisational Development solution enables you to understand the current shape of your organisation and then optimise it for improved business performance.

Adapted to your specific needs, a typical Organisational Development programme has the following components:

1. Analyse and define: Our sophisticated analysis techniques allow us to map your organisation’s current profile and define its needs.

2. Assessment: Our range of people assessment solutions enable us to evaluate and benchmark your people at all levels.

3. Implementation: By combining these insights with detailed analysis of your strategy, we can make clear recommendations on your organisation’s optimal shape and structure. Working with you to implement your new organisation we’re able to move people to the right role that matches both business need and their capability.

Accelerating implementation and mitigating the impact of these changes with your people is now our key focus – ensuring day-to-day business is not affected whilst employees and leaders adapt to their new operating model is critical to your success.

Whether this means working with re-deployees, coaching leaders to execute effectively in the new world, enabling people to make a FastStart in a new role or educating your people on how to work in the optimum way – Mercuri Urval have the scale and specialist expertise to be your change management partner.

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