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Customer Perception Analysis

Build your strategy on strong foundations

Knowing your customers and how they see you will help you build a business strategy that delivers results.

Mercuri Urval’s Customer Perception Analysis is a value-chain assessment methodology that gives you a better understanding of your interaction with customers.

We find answers to the following questions:

- How can you improve your strategic positioning with customers?

- Have you accurately diagnosed your competitive business environment?

- How can you create more value to win, keep and expand customer-bases?

- Which business choices will help you to drive margin?

Having the right answers to these questions means you can align your strategy with your customers, to create more value in their organisation and yours.

Our Customer Perception Experts understand how to handle your customers, to get the answers you need and at the same time make them feel good about your company.

Carefully structured dynamic interviews with your account managers and their customers ensure that information is effectively interpreted to create clear recommendations that will enhance your results.

And if you need our help to implement these recommendations, rest assured that our Sales Transformation solution is proven to deliver real results.

Why work with Mercuri Urval

  • We’re pioneers in understanding people and business
  • The extensive interviewing and customer management expertise of our consultants
  • We have the required sector expertise
  • Our proprietary perception measurement models and techniques

Applications for our Customer Perception analysis

  • Business performance improvement activities
  • Sales force effectiveness programmes
  • Strategic re-positioning
  • Exploring current and new market needs and opportunities
  • Strategic change programmes
  • M&A activity post merger
  • Developing customer-centric capability models

About the process

1. Business Analysis and programme planning

2. Managed communication with customers and suppliers

4. Dynamic interviews with key customers and critical relationships (and e-survey/ focus group options)

5. Reporting, conclusion and analysis

6. Presentation of strategic recommendations

7. Defining action plan

8. Follow-up and review

Case studies

Global Telecommunications: Working internationally, we helped our client understand how customers perceived them. This insight allowed us to help them develop and implement new account management capability, improving their business performance.

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