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Leadership Model Development

Build your framework for high-performance leadership

A well thought through Leadership Model is an essential foundation for driving business performance.

It sets the standard for your most valuable assets, and defines how your leaders should behave and what capabilities they need to deliver your results. Furthermore, it sets the tone for your business and defines your culture from the top.

Building the right Leadership Model means answering four key questions. These define the leadership capabilities and skills you need both now and in the future:

  1. What are your future goals?

    When we know your goals, we can define the frame for building a model that will describe leadership behaviour and qualities you’ll need to achieve them. But first we need to address another question:

  2. Is your strategy up to scratch?

    Of course your strategy must be tailored to achieve future goals. Together with your leadership team we review current and future organisational strategy before we start to create a Leadership Model. And based on you strategy we ask:

  3. What are your key activities?

    Clarifying the activities on which your organisation needs to focus on in order to implement its strategy, is obvious but challenging. This facilitated process helps develop a shared vision across your leadership team and secure that we are ready to address the key question together:

  4. What behaviour will help you reach your goals?

    You know that you need to define the behaviours that will lead to success in executing key activities and implementing your strategy. So now our experts bring the picture together to make a simple, clear and strategically aligned leadership model that describes what you expect from your leaders.

    A complete understanding of these four elements will lead to a future-proof Leadership Model aligned to the genuine needs of your organisation. Just as importantly, it will lead to one that can be implemented actively by those of your leaders who were all involved in the development process.

There are no shortcuts

To be of any use, the Leadership Model must now be positioned as an essential tool to drive your organisation’s performance. We are on hand to help you implement, according to need.