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Moa Wennlöf

Management Consultant

Moa Wennlöf joined Mercuri Urval in 2012 as a Business Analyst. Moa has been supporting her colleagues within recruitment and other HR related projects. In 2014 she fully claimed the role as consultant within Recruitment and Selection, nationally as well as internationally. As a Business Analyst and a consultant, Moa has gained a lot of experience of working with clients within both the private and public sector. She is also part of Group Client Services where she is the project leader of Mercuri Urvals international surveying system, regarding client- and candidate satisfactory.

Moa has a university degree within Human Resources. Her interest in recruitment and the impact leadership has on an organization developed during her time at university. She has written an essay regarding communication between recruitment firms and their clients.


Telephone +46 70 914 55 80

E-mail moa.wennlof@mercuriurval.com