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Mats Wärnling

International Business Manager

Mats Wärnling is a consultant at Mercuri Urval´s office in Stockholm. Mats has a Bachelor´s Degree in Social Science and Marketing Economy and has almost 20 years of experience from working as a consultanat at various companies in various sectors. Mats joined Mercuri Urval 1999 and worked in our office in Australia between 2005-2006. He has a long and qualified experience from most business areas working with Recruitment and Selection, Coaching, Management Team Development, Management Audits and Organizational Change.

In addition to his consultant role Mats Wärnling is also International Business Manager for Mercuri Urval in Sweden.


Telephone +46 (0)8 506 450 08 

E-mail mats.warnling@mercuriurval.com