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Per Anders Nilsson

Senior Management Consultant

Per Anders Nilsson is a Senior Management Consultant. He lives in Växjö and has since 1994 been working as an HR and organization consultant, working with recruitment and selection, skills inventory, management support and organization- and management team development. He has extensive experience working with both private and public sectors, and has worked with recruitment on specialist-, middle management- and executive levels. During his time with Mercuri Urval, Per Anders has performed over 1000 in-depth personal assessments.

As a consultant, Per Anders has a thorough knowledge of and is highly experienced in working with the public sector in general, and municipalities in particular. In addition to recruitment and selection assignments, Per Anders has also worked with management coaching and has managed projects with a focus on identifying future managers.

Per Anders has a well developed network in both private and public sectors, based partly on long experience as a management consultant, but also on formal and informal networks.


Telephone + 46 470 70 27 35

E-mail peranders.nilsson@mercuriurval.com