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Agneta Tunbark

Senior Management Consultant

Agneta Tunbark is Senior Management Consultant at Mercuri Urval’s Örebro office and has been with the company since 1994. Agneta is a specialist within Recruitment & Selection, but she has also during this time worked with Management Coaching and Leadership Development. She has a broad experience from many different business areas mostly within the private sector, but has a particular in-depth perception when it comes to the manufacturing industry. She has been involved in all levels of recruitment, from  CEO recruitments to distinct specialist roles. Agneta has through the Chamber of Commerce been trained in professional boardroom procedures, which is a strongpoint in projects on a strategic leadership level. Agneta’s professional background before starting at Mercuri Urval is mainly from the multi-international chemical industry, where she among other things worked as a Nordic Development Manager.


Telephone +46 19 19 68 11

E-mail agneta.tunbark@mercuriurval.com