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Catrin Ståhlgren

Management Consultant

Catrin Ståhlgren works as Management Consultant at  Mercuri Urval in the areas of leadership development and recruitment. Catrin has a broad experience from several industries and functions, on national as well as  international level. Positions has been held within the private sector but also including interfaces to the public sector. The experience  include substantial work within change management and development of strategies, company structure and organisation, competencies, functions and processes. Previous working positions include managing director, member of the board, country manager, business unit president, market and sales director, product manager and key account manager.

Catrin has a bachelor's degree in  business administration from  Gothenburg University. Additional education and training include leadership and management, the role and responsibilities of a managing director as well as board member, individual coaching.

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E-mail catrin.stahlgren@mercuriurval.com