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Our clients are at the top of their game and give their utmost to strengthen their position.

What do our clients expect from us?

They expect seamless, high quality, consistent solution delivery.

They also expect our consultants to come up with tailor made solutions that generate clear added value.

These solutions must be based on a fusion of local and global knowledge and the ability to handle the challenges of national and international implementation and cross-border working.

Some national and regional companies aspire to becoming international. With approximately 700 professionals operating from 25 locations, Mercuri Urval has personal experience of making a business global, with a solid international reach.

This is why our clients trust us when they’re tackling a demanding international challenge.

We know you’re unique

No two clients are the same, so at Mercuri Urval we adapt to your operation.

Or talk to us about how we can contribute to your goals and who we work with in your sector.

We’re working with Europe’s major companies

Why do leading organisations choose to work with us?

We have a profound understanding of business. Our proven methodology and tools are matched by great people and a global reach. Our integrated solutions give results.