Client Services

When shaping your organisation, it’s critical to align your HR strategy with your company’s business strategy.
Mercuri Urval provides a variety of solutions adapted to your specific needs in order to improve performance in your organisation.

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  • Your Key Challenges

    What are your key challenges – now or in the near future? We believe that most challenges are created or solved by people.

    After four decades in business, we are still very much committed to finding and enabling the people who will make your strategy work.

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  • Our Solutions

    Mercuri Urval connects your strategy with your people in order to create new levels of performance in your organisation.

    We add value to our clients business through flexible and proven solutions. Our solution areas:   
    Recruitment – Talent Management – Business Transformation – Board and Executive.

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  • Business Sectors

    You can expect a lot from us. We believe that insight in your business scenario and value chain is a must for giving you the right solutions.

    During more than 40 years in the business we have gained experience of working with public sector organisations and all major business sectors.

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  • Your Global Partner

    As an organically grown, independent company - the Mercuri Urval Global Client Services division is able to meet the special needs of international clients. We are located in more than 25 countries worldwide, and each of our office locations is a hub for the whole region – so we go wherever you are or wherever you need us.

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Jobs and Career

Latest job ads

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  • Online Sales Lead

    We at TUI Nordic/Finnmatkat are looking for the best Online Sales Lead in Finland.

    Helsinki 03.03.2015

  • Sales Executive

    Tavoitteenamme on edelleen laajentaa toimintaamme sekä nykyisillä että uusilla asiakastoimialoilla. Vastataksemme kasvutavoitteisiimme, haemme Helsinkiin osaksi nälkäistä myyntitiimiämme sinua, Sales Executive

    Helsinki 03.03.2015


    Liiketoiminnan kasvaessa, osana paikallista strategiaamme, etsimme Helsingin toimipisteeseen kokenutta Account Manageria

    Helsinki 03.03.2015


    Icare Finland Oy:n nykyinen tuotekehitysjohtaja siirtyy konsernissa Revenio Research Oy:n tuotekehitysjohtajaksi, ja haemme pääkonttoriimme Vantaalle uutta tuotekehitysjohtajaa

    Vantaa 27.02.2015


    Kasvutoimintamme tueksi etsimme nyt Sinua aktiivinen myyntipäällikkö vahvistamaan ja rakentamaan edelleen myyntitoimintojamme Suomessa.

    Oulu 26.02.2015

  • Product & Process Manager

    Payment specialist * Cash management

    Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo 26.02.2015

  • Delicard Product Manager

    We are looking for a Delicard Product Manager.

    Helsinki area 25.02.2015

  • Customer Solution Manager

    We are now strengthening our team with a Customer Solution Manager.

    Espoo 24.02.2015

  • Manager, External Accounting

    Haemme Porvoon pääkonttoriimme ammattitaitoista osaajaa.

    Porvoo  20.02.2015

  • Controller

    Haemme Porvoon pääkonttoriimme ammattitaitoista Controlleria.

    Porvoo  20.02.2015